Receive video messages from your guests.

Pictures capture a moment, video messages capture the emotion. Watch, listen and feel their heartfelt wishes and love for you to listen to for a lifetime.

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Merging Technology with Timeless Traditions

We offer a modern twist to traditional wedding guestbooks. We are dedicated to providing couples and their loved ones with an innovative way to capture and remember the memories of their wedding day. By utilizing QR codes, we enable wedding guests to easily leave their favorite videos and photos, making the guestbook wedding memories more interactive, heartfelt, and unforgettable.

What makes Us different?

Our vault. We store your video’s for as long as you want. Digital pictures can be exported and processed to be put in Wedding books, video’s can’t be exported and put in Wedding albums. They can be exported but you would need to put them in some other digital storage such as dropbox.

Others provide one year to export and figure out what you want to export and where to. This could be hundreds or thousands of video’s and images.

Your memories are safe with us.

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Invitation to Couples and Wedding Planners

    …to learn about us, how we created a simple to use product for you to use on your wedding day and not sacrifice privacy, security, performance and usability. All of these qualities must exist for you to trust us. Three simple steps, scan, record and upload are all it takes to have your guests leave video messages for you.

   Your messages are stored in our cloud with private and secure access for 10 years which can easily be extended. All uploads are initially saved for private access only with options to have the video or pictures shared with your family and friends. Publicly viewed video have options to require approval prior to being available. Options for notifications when uploads occurred, access passwords for viewing and uploads are some of the security and privacy options.

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