About Us

    We are the proud creators of sites for streaming live events, recording events and capturing special moments and securing them in our vault. We use current technology like Cloud Private storage and QR Codes to keep our sites simple to use, secure, accessible and relevant.

What does all this mean for you? 

    Proven technology used by schools, sports, and personal events. Primarily used for personal events where privacy is the first requirement along with long term accessibility in a cloud solution to be accessed from anywhere.  Social sharing with the controls you set to limit who and how they view.


    Covid brought to us streaming Weddings to people who couldn’t come. We have provided the platform for streaming live events since 2010 and have streamed many different events. We provide multiple cameras, can all be done with phones, GoPro’s, Mevos and many other type of cameras. 

Take a look at our Live Streaming for Weddings at WeddingLiveStreaming.

Mr. Yearbook

    We have partnered with Mr. Yearbook at https://www.mryearbook.com to provide yearbooks with the same technology we are offering at QRWed.com. Students can have QR Code along with their pictures. The QR Codes in the yearbook have been used to have videos accessible through the yearbook , example the commencement messages, or augment yearbook signings with video messages.  It brings the yearbook to life. School clubs can provide performances, award ceremonies and many more ways to use it. 


    We are ReplayVault.com. We are using the same technology to bring to life everyday objects you may have at home or business by adding video to them. QR Codes have been added to trophies to add special plays or the award ceremonies. We have added QR Codes to jerseys, Shadow boxes, Wedding crystals, baby reveals, baby 3D images, family trees. QR Codes can be customized, printed and added to every day greeting cards to leave video messages which can be viewed by simply scanning the QR Code. 


MLBPA Partner Portal

    We are partnering with various sports organizations to provide the same technology for young and developing athletes , providing secure access for coaches and scouts to see their portfolio, both for feedback, training advice and visibility. Privacy and security for young athletes is a requirement. 

MLBPA Player Portal