Replacing Disposable Cameras

     Disposable cameras are outdated and expensive compared to modern technologies. The average cost of a disposable camera is $15 and to supply a wedding of 100 guests (only one camera per every five people) would cost $300. Film development adds another $15 per camera, resulting in an additional expense of $300. However, with our vaults and QR codes, the entire experience costs only $399 for a wedding with 100 guests!

     In terms of efficiency, disposable cameras pale in comparison to our online vaults. It typically takes one to three weeks to receive developed photos from an external company, whereas uploading a photo to the vault takes only seconds. Guests can also choose to upload a video of their favorite moment instead of a picture!

     Smartphones provide significantly better camera quality compared to disposable cameras, and the majority guests already possess one. Storing photos online also ensures their protection from wear and tear, allowing them to be preserved indefinitely.